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We design an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort with personalized customer services, including privacy and pleasure.



Its varied and balanced menu offers rich national and international suggestions and promotes the rescue of regional food by incorporating the “Tinajón de boniato with Ropa Vieja above casabe”, a typical dish of our city.

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Lodging house

The Hostal ¨El Paso¨ is located in the legendary Carmen Square of the former Villa Santa Maria del Puerto Del Principe, nowadays a world cultural heritage site.

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Organization of events

The quality performance of any event, regardless of its magnitude requires preparation. El Paso Restaurant offers the opportunity to organize different family or business activities.

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Before XIX century, this place was known as Pozo de Gracia, because there was a fertile Fountain where some citizens took wáter from it.

Thanks to the initiative of José Nicolás Montejo, councilman of the city council, who made the request to demolish three houses on May 6th, 1825, because “it’s convenient to from a square for a greater decorum, comfort and brazenness of the Carmen Church that it is building”, as he said in his petition to the Chapter. After the space was opened, it was called as “Street of the Step” or Carmen Square.

This urban place is considered as the most relevant of Camagüey city… the whole architectural that forms its surrounding show the architecture.

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