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About Complex


101_4717“El Paso” Restaurant, situated in the legendary Carmen Square of the Town Saint Mary from the Port of Prince, Today it is a cultural patrimony of the humanity. It is across from the Galery Workshop of the oustanding artist Mrs. Marta Jiménez, author of the work bronze that adorn the square, presenting as a whole a product of the regional culture thanks to the architecture, the culinary art, the good treatment and the traditional music alive.

This restaurant has an attractive bar with a great variety of drinks, cuban and foreign cocktails, also there are offers of breakfast, snack, lunch and the supper from 9:00am until 11:00pm every day. Also, it has a varied and balanced menu card that offers delicious national and international suggestions and promote the rescue of the regional food incorporating to his offer the dish called “Jar of swet potatoes with old clothes over cassava, a typical dish of our city.

“El Paso” has designed attractive offers for organized groups, characterized by quality and quick lunch, such as propositions to vegetarians, service of somelier and Habana cigars.

Besides, it has a principal room with views to the square, a climated room and a lovely terrace outdoor and indoor with a beautifull view to the square. Its little yard charm with the verdure and nice sound of water when it falling dawn to the typical jar which remind the popular slogan that says: “If you drinks water from the jar, you will stay in Camagüey forever”.