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Lodging house


The Hostal ¨El Paso¨ is located in the legendary Carmen Square of the former Villa Santa Maria del Puerto Del Principe, nowadays a world cultural heritage site.

Together with the Restaurant of the same name, there is a valuable complex owned by a Camagüey family, who provide services with the highest standards of quality and comfort, such as: a lobby bar with a service of 24 hours, where we can see the architectural values of the house, its roof in round wood, scantlings of wood and tiles, typical of the date the house is built and according to the purchasing level of its first tenants. Its arches…, incorporating the setting in stained glass.

Also, there is an attractive bar with a wide range of drinks and cocktails, breakfast, snacks and brunch.

It proposes a diverse and balances menu card with rich national and international suggestions, and rescuing the regional food suggests as the principal dish ¨el Tinajón de boniato con Ropa Vieja sobre casabe¨ and includes attractive offers for organized groups, as well as proposals for Vegetarians, sommelier and habanos service, in charge of the qualified staff of the restaurant.

In addition to its charming yard with authentic large earthen jars from 1800, that combines the wood, the mud and the greenery of the nature, curious channels as was typical in the city for the rain collection and the pleasant noise of the water when falling.

On the other hand, this comfortable Hostal offers 5 double rooms and one triple on the first floor, decorated with simplicity and good taste, mixing the most traditional and contemporary due to its requirements, with bathroom, climate, hot and cold water, mini bar service, television, soft and comfortable beds with clean linen and of great quality.

Then, on the second floor with the same comfort, there is a rustic triple room with wood aroma, and a fresh balcony-viewpoint showing the most authentic of the city, the ancient roofs that surround us, its churches and its inimitable style.